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Daniels Construction History

Joe Daniels Construction is a self-performing general contractor serving the Madison area since 1953. Through the years Daniels has helped the Madison and Dane County area grow with projects for municipalities, cities, state, and federal governments in addition to commercial, retail, industrial, institutional and historical restoration projects. The company is owned by its’ employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) as well as second and third generation Daniels family members who are active in the business.

Our Mission

Daniels Construction strives to be the construction contractor of choice for all customers. Our goal is to be the best contractor in the Madison area. Our size allows us to provide individual attention to any customer and tailor our service approach to fit their needs we approach projects of all sizes with the utmost quality, integrity and efficiency. We uphold a safety-conscious work environment and believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Quality workmanship along with our diversified work capabilities allows us to offer our customers a Total Contracting Package.


Daniels Construction was founded in 1953 by Joe Daniels Sr., a skilled carpenter who focused primarily as a residential contractor, on the values of honesty, integrity, quality, and reliability.

Joe’s work as a residential contractor was highlighted by being named President of the Madison Area Builders Association in 1960. In 1963 Daniels Construction expanded into commercial construction, and in 1985 a street, sewer, and underground division were added.

Through the years Joe Daniels Construction has helped the Madison and Dane County area grow with projects for Municipalities, Cities, State, and Federal governments, Commercial and Retail, Industrial, Institutional and Historical Restoration projects. Daniels Construction has been able to grow as well while staying true to its’ core set of values and delivering the Total Contracting Package.


who we are
who we are


Today, brothers Joe Jr. and Jerry welcome Sam Daniels the third generation of leadership. The addition of third generation family ownership brings a commitment to the value upon which the Company was founded. Now, along with the ESOP, the entire employee “Family” become owners who share in the profits and benefit in the growth of the Company that the employees make the Company what it is today. Daniels Construction is able to self-perform a large percentage of its annual revenue because of the skilled and experienced workforce & employee owners that it has. The average tenure of all employees at Daniels is 20 years and many employees have between 20-45 years of experience in the construction industry.