Shoreline Restoration Professionals

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Shoreline Restoration

Wisconsin’s many lakes and rivers provide thousands of miles of shoreline that are a major part of the state’s ecosystem. Protecting your property’s shoreline adds immense property value, aesthetic appeal, increases safety for your family and guests, and helps maintain a healthy environment for fish, birds, and other Wisconsin wildlife.  

If you own waterfront property and have noticed deteriorating retaining walls, erosion, or are looking to enhance the natural shoreline, hiring a restoration service provider is the simplest solution.

Preventing Erosion

According to the Wisconsin DNR, erosion can happen for a variety of reasons, including the expansion of ice in the winter, breaking waves, nearshore currents, storms, or human disturbances. The first steps in preventing erosion are to preserve the rocks and plant life that hold the soil in place and to prevent runoff from the yard or driveway.  

However, these methods may not be enough to control erosion at a larger scale and professional restoration may be needed. Every project is unique – reach out to us if you would like to discuss how we could assist in your shoreline restoration.  

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Shoreline Protection Methods

Biological Protection and Integrated Bank Treatment Methods
Some methods of shoreline protection use live plants, dead trees, and organic materials to stabilize the soil and protect against erosion. Methods include bank treatments, integrated toe protection, and biodegradable/temporary breakwaters. Visit for more information.

Structural Erosion Control Methods
If erosion is dire and it is not possible to utilize vegetation and biological methods, a structural control method is needed. These include riprap and retaining walls/seawalls.

Riprap is a layer of medium to large rock placed on the slope of the shoreline that provides long-term durability and protection. It may still involve some vegetation near the top of the shoreline to provide additional natural habitat.

Retaining Walls
These structures are typically concrete structures that provide a vertical wall between the water and land. Retaining walls are intended to protect the yard from waves and prevent further erosion. These structures must be installed at the correct height – if waves are overtaking the wall, erosion will occur regardless.

In addition to shoreline & marine restoration, we also have experience in repairing concrete structures such as boathouse foundations, steel sheeting installation, waterway access structures, building cantilevered decks, concrete work (stamped and colored concrete drives, patios, etc.) and do extensive slope and reclamation work.

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Shoreline Restoration Professionals


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