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Madison, WI




Madison School District

The newest location for Madison School & Community Recreation, MSCR West was transformed from an existing big-box store into a recreation haven. The new space features a basketball court, dance studios, art studio, and community classrooms. The building will serve hundreds of students and community members, providing opportunities to exercise, learn new skills, and connect with the community.

The site selected was an existing commercial space, in need of major repairs and upgrades. Work to the building included major demolition and structural work. All new HVAC, electrical, and lighting was needed.

To transform the space into a multi-functional recreation center, crews had to install new walls and flooring. To manage noise levels in large capacity rooms like the gym, sound baffle was installed. New bathrooms and office space provided the ability to serve the many visitors expected. Finally, sound systems were installed to provide music and/or for class instructor use.

The project was put on a tight time frame, and thanks to the work of our employees and subcontractors, was able to open at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.

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